Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ok folks. I'm starting to wonder. Today I went to one of my favorite blogs, 5 minutes for mom and discovered that yet another family had lost their sweet baby. Maddie was 1 and a half, had been born premature and was hospitalized for breathing issues, yesterday she died VERY unexpectedly. This is so sad. My heart aches for this family. They are in my prayers and hope they are in yours as well.

But really I am starting to wonder. Why is it that I love the blog world, yet keep getting bombarded, or attached, or come across sites where a child is sick, or a child has passed away. I hate being so selfish in such a time of sadness, but really is God trying to tell me something, trying to steer me somewhere and I am just not getting it?

Why does he continue to bring such stories of sadness and devastation? No one should ever have to lose a child .... yet in the past few months I have encountered more stories of this, than in my entire life.

Maybe it just sheer coincidence. Maybe it's because those that have lost their children, cling to others who have been in the same situation and hence their networks are similar, creating a network of families with loss. But it just doesn't seem like that.

Maybe it's only for the purpose of more people praying for these children and families. Although I have noticed that in my blog world in the past couple of months, not only have I come across numerous ill babies, or babies that have passed but I have never in my life seen such devotion and trust in God. I am thoroughly amazed by the strength some of these women get from God, by the trust they have in him, by their willingness to try to understand that it is all for HIS glory, no matter the outcome. Hard as that may be to grasp, many of these women get it and share it often.

So maybe that's it. Maybe I just needed to be shown these women and their faith, and that's great, awesome, actually. However, I can't help but wonder if there's something more, if there is a bigger reason, a larger picture, something I am missing.

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Robyn said...

You could always check out the adoption blog-world. Those stories are all about sadness, loss, but ultimately, redemption! Well as much redemption as is possible here on earth. But they will warm your heart for sure! ;-)

I'm sorry for all the loss that's been so close to you and your family this year. Perhaps the sole purpose is to remind you to press on in your quest to be more grateful? I don't know. But I know there's a purpose. (((HUGS)))to you.