Friday, March 19, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes...

Quotes of the day, courtesy of Middle P
"Mom, I need some short sleeve pants."
"Mom can you lower my seat up?" (in reference to his bicycle seat)
"Dad, Dad... tomorrow I don't have anything, but the other tomorrow, I'm going soccering!" (the other tomorrow = the day after tomorrow)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Back!!! (i hope)

Today, I was harrassed for not blogging anymore... so let's see how this goes! I'm going to try to get this blog going again, but I make no promises! There are many things going on in our lives, but nothing really new. Princess P did however turn 7 last week, yes 7! I have no ideas where the time has gone, but they have gone too fast. Happy birthday sweet girl!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


About a month ago we went on vacation. We went to Florida with my extended family and it was a blast. For most of the week we stayed at our condo on the beach, but for one day... we ventured to Disney, to the Magic Kingdom to be exact. It was HOT. It was CROWDED. It was a long day. Would I do it again, yes. Only because the magic really does happen after dark. Evything lights up, the castle is gorgeous and the lights magic parage is AMAZING. Seeing Middle P's face light up when the princesess blew him kisses, was worth every penny, every degree of heat and every crowd we encountered. Would I do it again in August? Um, not if I have to. Would I ever stay a week at Disney, probably not. Call us lazy, but we would prefer to hang at the beach all day, then tackle crowds and drop buckets of money all day. Yet, it was still an experience of a life time. BTW, don't the kids look exhausted already in the pic? This was the START of the day, right after we walked through the gates! Crazy, I know.

More vacation pictures to come, eventually, once my Mr. P gets them off his laptop! Then I can maybe show you Middle P's face as he watched the parade. Oh and aren't the shirts adorable? I had Cassie over at One Great Thing at Etsy. She is great to work with and doesn't she do awesome work?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

School's in session

Princess P and her first day of 1st grade and her whole class.

Middle P and he first day of preschool (finally!). This was one excited kid... although you can't tell from the photos! ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I Boycott Toys R Us

Ok folks, I've been meaning to write about this for some time, but after talking with a friend of mine today I decided enough is enough with this stupid store.

My loathing of Toys R Us began when Princess P was small. We received an outfit as a gift from Toys R Us, and you could tell it was from Toys R Us, because it was their brand, TRU, in the tag... it was too small. We got it as a gift, I wasn't about to have a grandparent go sifting through hundreds of Christmas recipes to exchange one outfit for a size larger, so off to TRU I go. I get there and they tell me you can't exchange or return without a receipt. What? I can't even get the next size larger in the SAME thing? Nope, not with out a stickin receipt. I'm pissed. But whatever, I give the outfit to a friend and decide, well, I'll shop other places and if I HAVE to shop at TRU I will remember their stupid non-return policy.

Fast forward a couple years to this past November. TRU is having great sales for Christmas, I love the Fisher Price stuff that is made for girls in just pinks, and because TRU is the only place that sells this line I get the sorting bucket with blocks in pink for my niece, Lucy, for Christmas, because frankly it's just too darn cute. Well, Christmas comes and goes and because of Lucy's health we don't see her at Christmas, but I still intend on giving her the gift. When she unexpectedly passed, I couldn't bear to have it anymore. My boys weren't going to play with it, and really we already had it, just not in pink. I knew NO ONE with baby girls that I could give it to. I expressed this to my mom and she said just return it. This broke my heart to do, but I did. Or at least I TRIED!

Off I got to TRU with the Toy and the RECEIPT, yes I STILL had the receipt. I get there hand the toy and the receipt to the customer service lady and she very rudely tells me that it's past 90 days and EVEN with a receipt they can't take it back after 90 days. OK folks, 2 things here... they still carry this item AND it was only 93 days past the date of purchase, yes you read that right I had missed the 90 days by 3 whole days. (because I was distraught at the whole idea of returning this gift). I try to explain the fact that it is only 3 days past the 90 days and they say sorry. I explain the situation, just out of principal now, not because I'm desperate for my refund, but seriously! So after explaining the situation and why I was even returning it in the 1st place, the rude, customer service lady who is completely being inconvenienced by my presence, who obviously thinks I'm trying to scam the store out of hundreds of dollars, shrugs her shoulders and says "hmmph, sorry, nothing I can do". Needless to say I am irate and vow NEVER to shop at or with Toys R Us again.

I go home and write a polite email to the customer service department explaining the rudeness of the employee, my disagreement with their return policy, my situation and the fact that they will no longer be receiving my business. To which they respond "We're sorry you feel this way, but unfortunately these are our policies" and that's it. Nothing else. Boycott continues.

Today, a friend and I were chatting and she was explaining about a toy that her son had gotten for his birthday in June, a small part broke. No worries, she called Toys R Us and they couldn't help, she called Step 2, the manufacturer and they happily sent her a replacement part... which promptly broke in a few more days. The toy came from Toys R Us so she tries in vain to see if they will take it back because it keeps breaking, but, you guessed it, because she doesn't have a receipt they will do NOTHING. Now she is stuck with a broken $60 toy, is frustrated and has joined my boycott of Toys R Us vow as well.

What I don't get is that a company like this would have such POOR return policies. That a company that thrives on mommy business would risk loss of business because of poor customer service (even at the cooperate level). Anyone who knows the power of a mommy knows that us moms have a lot of opinions, talk a lot, spend a lot and are quick to spread the word. So, I hope you will join me in my boycott of Toys R Us, at least until they get the message that their return policy sucks.

Toys R Us... you were warned!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Should my life be this busy?

Ok complainers, just for you... I'm back. I've been kinda busy, you know it is summer and it was my birthday and the 4th of July (even though it rained and everything was cancelled) last week.

Truly I am busy though. In the midst of trying to raise my 3 off spring while staying sane, I am also currently holding 3 volunteer "jobs"- um, yes I am crazy. But alas, whatever.

I am the president of the Board of Directors of our cooperative preschool, sometimes very simple, other times quite frustrating and discouraging, especially since we are a board of women. Need. I. Say. More?

I am also now on the board of a new women's group at my church, love this, but since it is new the kinks are still being worked out and we don't quite "flow" yet.

Then there is my biggest endeavor. I am trying to start at MOPS group at my church. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, a christian moms group that strives to equip,encourage and develop every mother into the best possible mother they can be. I personally have been involved with a local MOPS group for 6 years and always felt our church should have one, but did I want to be in charge of it? Uh.... NO! But, here I am, jumping through many a hoop of bureaucracy to get things rolling, trying to bite my tongue when I am stalled yet again. Today however, I received an email from the original Mentor Mom of my MOPS group after I asked her to come speak to my group in the fall. This is what she responded with

"How exciting to hear about this new assignment God has given you! Would be glad to come and speak. Am available in September and December. Let me know what you come up with. May the Lord richly bless you with wisdom, clarity, enthusiasm, and energy as you answer this latest call."

How awesome is she? Her response was just what I needed in my sea of discouragement. I just have to remember that this is an assignment from God, not just something I want to do.

I also have been running with a local beginning women's running group and Saturday I will be running my 1st race in 3 years! A 5k, not the mini-tri I did 3 years ago, but it's a start right?

I came here to write about something completely different, yet I have no idea what that was, it is gone from my fried brain! So instead you got my ramblings. You like?