Friday, April 3, 2009

Rough Spot

We have hit a major rough spot with middle p these days. He doesn't ever want to listen, if you ask him to do something he usually says no, if you tell him no be prepared for major tantrums (and yes we still say no, we just deal with TONS of tantrums these days), he is so stubborn (hmmm, wonder which of his parents he gets that from? both.) and so challenging right now, I seriously considered going back to work! Yes, really. ...I know.

The other day after baby p had only taken a 30 min nap and then proceeded to refuse to nap after, I seriously contemplated putting the boys in the car and driving around until mr p got home... it was 2:30 in the afternoon, Mr. p gets home at 5:30. It would have been easier than trying to fight the battles here and keep these boys from destroying the house even more. But alas I did not. I did drive them around, but it was prob only for about 30 min, then we went and got princess p and my neighbor and good friend was gracious enough to rescue us, I mean let us come over for a play date. Where of course, the boys were great. Apparently, I just need to take them places to get them to behave, but heaven forbid the grocery store or Target of other errand running place, not there, good behavior does not exist there.

I told a middle p story to my friends at MOPS yesterday, of his fiascoes from earlier this week. One friend says "I'm so glad you told us that, I feel so much more normal now." Everyone usually laughs at the story but they feel my pain too. So to make you all feel more normal too, let me share.

The other morning I left the boys in the living room to run upstairs to get middle p a shirt. Literally, all I did was get a shirt for him out of the closet and then take 30 seconds to round up the dirty clothes and toss them in a basket. While doing so I hear "I'm washing baby p's hair." To which I replied, "OH you so better NOT be... you better not be spitting on him (his new thing) or pouring water on his head... you will be in so much trouble!" I fly downstairs to find that he has not only poured water on his head, he has dumped yogurt all over his head and hair, pretending it is shampoo!" I was furious. I said "I. KNOW. YOU. DID. NOT." I'm sure with many other things, like, you know better, we don't do this, etc etc. I throw him in time out and told him to wait there until after I bathed baby p. He cries. Of course. I bathe baby p and all the while middle p is constantly asking and repeating incessantly (his other new thing), can I take a bath?

I hope this makes you feel better, I'm still at my wit's end, still wondering just how much daycare costs....


Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

Don't feel bad...L is soooooo much like this! They are just about the same age, yes?!?!? 3 1/2 yrs! Oh the joy! We really should put them in an empty room together! We'll pad the walls and put safety covers on the outlets! ;-)

As for the attitude...oh she's just so abundantly pleasant! HA! I was just getting ready to post my "ugly" story on my blog. Check there later!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Hi Molly! I'm so glad you came by, thank you for your comment on my bathroom. So nice to meet you!

I have a stubborn little buy myself. He's 3 and a half and always wants things his way of course.