Monday, March 23, 2009

Help Get Jonah Free Diapers!

Today, I was sent a message from the Jonah Support Group, you know, the baby Jonah who we are praying for with EB. Well there is another blogger mommy who is giving away a ton of free cloth diapers. For EB babies cloth diapers are a MUST, the disposables are just too abrasive and causes blistering and open wounds. To win the diapers all you need to do is make a comment in her post about the contest. There is a campaign for as many people as possible to petition to her to make Jonah the winner!! My niece Lucy used cloth diapers, and they were amazing! So we know that they will benefit baby Jonah. Anything we can do to help other EB babies, right? So here's what you do... but it ends TODAY to hurry.

Go on over to McMama's blog post here: My Charming Kids Diaper Giveaway, go to the comments section for this post and leave a creative comment about why you think Jonah should receive the diapers. It probably would be helpful to leave a link to Jonah's mom's blog with your comment. Here is the link:

Also, please pray for McMama and her family, her baby, Stellan, is in the hospital right now, see the story here...

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