Monday, March 23, 2009

Pray for Stellan

As you read in my previous post about petitioning for Jonah to be given free cloth diapers, the mom who is giving them away as a baby in the hospital right now. I am asking that we lift baby Stellan up in prayer as well as his mama, papa, and 3 siblings as they endure this heart wrenching time.

Her baby, Stellan, is in the hospital with an extremely high heart rate - in the upper 200's to lower 300's (what almost killed him in utero). Please be in prayer for Stellan, that his heart will flip back to a normal heart rate. They have tried several maneuvers and medications to get his heart to flip, all to no avail. From McMama herself about Stellan "We have a long road ahead. The cardiologist is already talking about some pretty big things, but for the time being, we are simply looking for a 12 hour period in which Stellan's heart would stay in a normal rhythm."

Jonah's mom posted this prayer for Stellan on her blog, how amazing is she? I hope you will all join me in praying for Stellan as well as for Jonah as always.

God, please let Stellan live, so he can tell his story - your story. Please give MckMama and Prince Charming peace as they once again fear for their son's life and turn to you for peace and comfort. Please heal his heart, Lord. Be a shield about him and wrap your arms around him. Please give his family your peace - that passes all understanding and give them small victories and hope for tomorrow. Give them a miracle.

Again, here is the link to Stellan's story:

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