Monday, January 12, 2009

Look what I FINALLY accomplished!

For me this is HUGE, today I finished my laundry! I know, I know, your thinking.... "AND" or "SO" but this has been piling up for weeks and I just couldn't get on top of it. I would try and never make headway. Laundry is my most hated chore as a "domestic goddess" I hate it because it is NEVER done. You get it all finished and put away and low and behold it's time to start over, ugh.

I used to love doing laundry, I really did. When I was in college I loved loading it all up, going and sitting in the warm laundromat hanging out with a snack and a magazine or sometimes a roommate or friend. (My husband used to go with me when we were just friends, even though he never did his laundry too. I guess I should have taken the hint that he liked me then, if he wanted to just hang out at the laundromat with me!!) Now... I hate it. Actually, I don't mind actually doing it, it's the lugging it down 2 flights of stairs, and even worse the lugging it back up 2 flights of stairs and the worst, is putting it away.

The problem might be that I am an all or nothing laundry girl. I like to do it all in one fell swoop and have it done or I don't do it at all. When it was just me, that was great, however now with a family of 5, leaving it to do all at once just isn't cutting it, things tend to get out of hand. It got so bad over the holidays one year, when I was pregnant with my last baby, where I got to a point that I was fed up. One day I loaded it all into my minivan and took it to the laundromat. All of our laundry filled up the back of my van and that was with the back seat folded down! Once I got there I took up the whole walkway between 2 banks of machines. I proceeded to fill all the triple loaders (which was 7 I think) and 3 double loaders, and all of them were completely jam packed. The clothes probably didn't even get clean, just wet, because they were so full. $43 and 4 hours later I was done! Granted I still had to go put it all away, but at least it was done. (and I did promptly go home and put it all away)

I think that if I had my laundry facilities on the same floor as my bedrooms I wouldn't loathe it so much, or maybe I am just telling myself that, who knows. It doesn't really matter cause that ain't happenin any time soon, so for today I wanted to share the one thing I accomplished today... my laundry!


This is all the CLEAN laundry waiting to be taken upstairs!! Dare to count the number of loads?! Ridiculous and embarrassing, I know.


And this is the proof!! Something you rarely see, a cleared off folding table and no clothing on the floor. Impressive, I know. (Oh and a dog who isn't spazzing out!)

In an effort to continue with my Simpler Life theme for 2009, I dare ask... and I was wondering as I put away my children's clothing... do they have too much clothing? Now I don't know if this looks like a lot or not, but our closets are the size of telephone booths, those hangers with pants have at least 2 pair if not 3 on them, notice the hangers barely have room and this does not include pajamas, undies, socks & tights. What do you think?

The 1st pic is the baby's closet, the 2nd pic is the 3 yr old's clothes and the last is the girl's stuff.

For the record, I cannot pass up a good garage sale, clearance or consignment sale. I never purchase anything for full price, so don't go thinking I'm some shopping freak for kids clothes. Oh and we love hand-me-downs, which for the boys is a lot of what they have!

Although to be honest, I know a lot of people who's kids closets are MUCH bigger and WAY more full, so I don't feel so bad, but really that doesn't make it right, or necessary.

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ewheatley said...

Oh I feel your pain. My husband and I soent 12 hours cleaning on Sat. which included the laundry. And that does not include the 3 bedrooms. That was just the laundry the kitchen,living room. and bathroom. We went through every cabinet and closet and got rid of a lot of stuff. I am dreading the bedrooms now that I know those three rooms took that long. But the laundry is a chore for me too. It never weems like it is done here.