Sunday, January 11, 2009

EB Awarness Products!!

Hey all! I knew there was a way to do this, but I finally got around to doing it. Even though it meant staying up way too late last night! But I did it, I created an EB Awareness Store on Zazzle! This site is so cool. You upload your image or logo to their site and you can create any products you want. Then you can sell them and make a profit if you want, or in my case raise funding for research. Really I created this store because the number of EB Awareness products out there seemed to be very limited and I wanted something for myself and for my family.

The logo is a one of a kind creation of my brother's, his baby girl is the one who has EB, isn't it fantastic?!?!? I hope you all take the time to check it out and support my efforts to raise awareness and funding for EB!!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

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ewheatley said...

There is a Crohns site which is There is gives info on the disease and resources. They have chapters in different areas that have support groups and that is where we found a camp tp send Nicole to this summer. But it also has a store where you can order merchandise and and a percantage of that go towards research. I will check out that site when I get a chance. I have a big heart for kids suffering from any type of illness and the more money they have for research the better off these kids are going to be. Plus when you wear these people will always ask. Everywhere I go with my Crohns shirt I am alaways asked questions. That is a time to eduacate and get other people on board.