Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gender specific toys? PU-LEASE!

So as you can see at our house gender specific toys really don't matter. When I had my daughter we had a little of everything, but of course she always got "girly" stuff and she gravitated towards it, but she also would build things and play with trains and what not, you know "typical" boy stuff. It didn't matter she is a girly girl 100%, loves pink, dresses, dolls, shoes, you name it, if it girly she digs it. But keep in mind she also flys rockets with her daddy, has mad bike riding skills, is busy working on her rock tumbling project, loves to collect rocks and sticks, but still LOVES the girly stuff.

Fast forward 2.5 years after we had our girly girl, our middle child, a boy, was born. We already had all the girl stuff, but seriously it does not matter, boys gravitate to trucks, trains, balls, dirt, name it. Then less than 2 years after that, the baby was born, another boy and like his brother he is all boy. Keep in mind we had all the girly stuff too. Now I know I told you my boys are 100% boy, it cracks me up that they still like play with my girl's stuff too. The 3 yr old loves to dress up and the baby loves the dolls and you know what? That is totally fine with us.

It completely amazes me to hear my friends talking about their spouses or their parents/in-laws having issues with their boys playing with "girl" toys, or having something girl colored, or a doll, or heaven-forbid something princess. Seriously, come on, does it really matter? A toy is a toy, a color is a color. Let kids be kids. Yes, I agree that *most* girls will gravitate to girl stuff and *most* boys will gravitate to boy stuff, no matter what you do or what you provides. At some point they play with it all, no matter what and it makes no difference. If a boy wants to play with a pink princess, who freakin cares, if a girl wants to collect bugs, so what!! Last year my 3 yr old LOVED to wear my daughter's old princess boots and I thought it was just too cute. If he wanted to wear them in public, I didn't care, honestly it made my life easier. One, I didn't have to fight a battle with him and two, he could put them on himself, which is HUGE when you're trying to get out of the house with a baby at the same time.

This is a picture of the 3 yr old wearing his older sister's Snow White costume, I LOVE it. I love that he loves it. I love that he has NO clue that some people might raise an eyebrow at this. I love that he loves to be told he's gorgeous. As he was jumping, leaping, doing somersaults and being all out rowdy while wearing this. And when he wears the dress up shoes and purses, he's usually pushing around a big dump truck or filling the purse with cars!

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Robyn said...

Oh he is most certainly gorgeous!!!! That's awesome!!! No raised eyebrows here! I mean, really, I let my kid eat dirt and run around outside naked--in warmer weather of course! LOL