Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dancing "Around" the Chrismas Tree

My step dad is Danish, so when we celebrate Christmas (which is done on Christmas Eve) we do a couple different Danish Christmas traditions. Like, eating Ris à l'Amande (a warm rice pudding) with an almond hidden in one, the person who finds the almond in his wins a prize (traditionally a marzipan pig, but my step dad says they don't taste that good). My brother got it this year, I think he got a tin of mixed nuts, usually it is candy. It is a tradition as well to eat a large meal, usually crown roast and all the fixings, plus there is always dancing! Dancing around the Christmas tree that is.

Now, keep in mind that my mom and step dad starting dating while I was a teenager and to be subject to such things as dancing and singing around a Christmas tree in front of my family and future step family was quite painful. BUT... to get presents it's what you do, and we have ALWAYS done it, since he has been around. So, the way it goes is that you hold hands and dance in a circle around the Christmas tree. But since the tree is usually in the corner of the room, we just dance in a circle kind of like ring around the rosie. As you are dancing you sing Christmas carols, going in one direction for one song, and then the opposite direction for the next and so on. The Pièce de résistance being, singing a traditional danish carol, dancing one direction for one verse, switching for the next, then switching for the 3rd and 4th and so on, but this time getting faster with each verse. You can imagine the hilarity of it all and what on lookers might think if they saw it.

Here is some video of the "dancing", usually we have at least 4-6 more family members joining in the fun and adding many more wise cracks, so you can only imagine what it usually looks (and sounds) like! It starts with my step-dad trying to teach us the words to the danish song (which we are taught every year and still haven't learned), and then our "attempts" to "sing" it.

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