Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For a couple of years now I have been attending a Christian Moms Conference fairly close to my home called Hearts at Home, which is a different topic for a different day, but I wanted to tell you about a woman/mom I have heard speak there who is amazing, I could listen to her speak all day long and still enjoy every minute of it. Her name is Lysa TerKeurst and she is an amazing woman of God who is a speaker for and the president of Proverbs 31 ministry. However, I bring her up today for a different reason.

I was looking for her story of adoption to share with a friend of mine. This friend has a very strong passion for those far less fortunate than those of us. In particular she is passionate about humanitarian efforts in Africa, something I find commendable, honorable, oh I don't know I'm speechless, I find it awesome, it truly makes me want to be so passionate about something so worthy. She inspires me to want to help others as she does, I know it sounds cliche, but it's true and I hope she realizes that by spreading her passion little by little she is lighting fires in others. Anyway, not only does my friend have a passion for the humanitarian efforts in Africa but she would like to adopt a child or children from Africa someday. So back to Lysa... I was looking for the story of Lysa's adoption (she adopted 2 boys from Liberia) to send to my friend because I thought she might really appreciate it. As I was rewatching the story, a story that when I heard in person made me cry like a baby... in public, I thought this is something more people should here/see. Well, Oprah thought the same thing and the story was aired on Oprah a while back. Unfortunately, I could not find a copy of the video to directly post here, but you can watch it on Lysa's blog: Lysa on Oprah.

Lysa's story is heart warming, amazing, awe inspiring... you get the idea, she has 3 biological daughters and NEVER intended to adopt any children much less 2 boys from Africa, but God spoke to her and she listened. That is probably the most amazing thing about Lysa, her ability to listen when God speaks, something I find myself trying to do and often struggling with. Check out her story and how she inspired others. Enjoy.


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Robyn said...

Oh Molly! I sobbed over these videos! If only 3% of those who called themselves Christians adopted just one orphan there would no longer be orphans! Thank you! I hope one day to send pictures of my beloved African children to you!