Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel Baby

Today we celebrated what would have been my niece Lucy's 1st Birthday.
Happy Birthday sweet girl. Although we know the celebration you are having with Jesus is far better than any we could have had with you, we still wanted you here on earth with us to celebrate. Today, we celebrated the life we got to live with you and the joy you brought all of us. We all loved you more than you can imagine.

In your honor, we helped MoMo and FaFa plant a weeping cherry tree in their yard. This is something your daddy really wanted, and although he and your mommy couldn't be here we took lots of pictures for them. On your tree we all attached beautiful colorful butterflies, they are so pretty, reminds us of you. Your cousins picked out balloons for you, a great big butterfly, and heart happy birthday balloon and 4 pink balloons. Each one of your cousins released the pink balloons into the sky for you, and Aunt Katie released one just for you, the kids are really hoping you get them! ;) The other 2 we tied to your tree, in hopes they will still be floating next week when your daddy and mommy come to see your tree. Oh and of course we had cake, an angel food cake decorated with butterflies in your honor.

With many mixed emotions we celebrated the fact that one year ago today, you came into our world, changing our lives and our hearts forever. We miss you so, so much, and love you desperately.

Happy Birthday, Lucy.

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