Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When mom makes dinner...

Last night I was making dinner, I know, I know, shocker. So, I was busy making dinner in the kitchen while I let the kids play in the living room, again I know - should really think twice about taking my eyes off the kids to make dinner. And I hear all 3 of them "up" to something, getting along too well, a little too quiet, you know all the things that make a mom nervous. I go in to check on them and this is what I find...

My girl and my 3 yr old changing the baby's diaper!

Notice how the baby just lies there and takes it all in stride... ah a true 3rd child, baby of the family.

This is a rare occasion to see the 2 older kids working together for anything, although I'll take it, even if this is what they choose to do!

No, there wasn't any poo in there, lucky for all of us!

The 3 yr old is eagerly holding up/back the baby's legs (as instructed by his bossy, I mean teaching sister)!

Not quite sure why they chose to do this on the trampoline, but one never knows when it comes to kiddos!

The end result... a little rough, but not bad for a 1st try, on a wiggly toddler at that!

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Robyn said...

Not only am I impressed w/ their diapering skills, but how'd you capture all that in pics w/o exposing his little boy bits?!?!? ;-) Your kids crack me up! You really should haul them all down here and hang out. My L would have a TON of fun!!!