Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tina the Tooth Fairy

My girl lost her 2nd tooth last week, this is always an exciting event. With her tooth, she wanted to leave a letter for the tooth fairy, so we had her write one. Keep in mind she is in Kindergarten and is just learning to read and write. While learning we encourage her to write phonetically (how it sounds), rather than tell her the letters to write. I love this, I love seeing phonetic writing, even though sometimes it can be a challenge to read, it is still the cutest thing I've ever seen.

For the record I was offered a job teaching a K/1 Special Education class before I took a High School job here. One of the main reasons I didn't take it was because I did not want the responsibility of teaching children to read and write. The idea just terrifies me, it still terrifies me, I'm just glad her teacher is good at it and tells me how to help my girl at home!! :)

Although this letter is cute, it's not the funny letter my brother left that asked the tooth fairy for a Vanilla Ice tape, which my stepdad had framed! Ha, we still tease him. Anyway, my girl wrote her letter, a letter I hope to keep and enjoy... in case you can't quite make it out here is what it says:

Dear ToothFairy,
I want to know your name
Love, ******
I lost 2 teeth

To which the tooth fairy responded with:
Dear ******,
My name is Tine the Tooth Fairy. Thank you for the great tooth. I can't wait to get more from you. Tell Mrs. Teacher I really liked it and to make sure you get your tooth necklace.
Tina the Tooth Fairy

These are the things that I truly enjoy about being a parent.

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Robyn said...

That's very cute! She's doing quite well spelling phonetically I'd have to say! Oh, the story about your brother cracked me up!