Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's a good thing Mary was a mother!

If you are Catholic or familiar with the Catholic church you know that we have a lot of appreciation for the Virgin Mary, aka Jesus' mother. No we do not idolize her, we do not pray "though" her...we have a great respect for her, and why shouldn't we, she WAS Jesus' mother!!

She was told that she would bear a child as a virgin, she accepted this, she said "yes" to God, even knowing the potential ramifications of that decision, ie, stoning, Joseph not believing and leaving her, etc. She teaches us all to say yes to God, to listen to him, to trust in him. Mary is our mother, the mother of all mothers. I feel as a mother myself that having my church have so much respect for Mary, as a mother, is important, it makes me feel that it is an honor to be a mother myself. I have grown up being taught to respect Mary, not only from my church but from my own mother and grandmother. A couple of years ago my grandmother gave me one of her statues of Mary and this is why I say that it is a darn good thing that Mary was a mother:

Our poor Mary takes quite a beating at our house! My oldest, my daughter, was always very loving with her, talking with her, hugging her and kissing her. Now that I have boys she gets dragged around, ran into with trucks, tractors, mowers, riding toys, hammered on, you name it. However, she keep hanging in there, she can take it all... she is a true mom!

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