Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cards

I love, love, love photo Christmas cards. If you take the time to send me one, please take the time to send a photo too, I especially want to see you, as well as your kids!! Yes, I love seeing pics of your kids but I am your friend and want to see your beautiful face as well!

I have toyed with making my own photo Christmas card with Photoshop in the past but never quite had the tools and didn't want to have to pay for the prints and the envelopes separately, yeah I'm cheap I know, but I send a lot. So anyway a friend and I were discussing this and then one day she called (after she made her own) and said that our local Sam's club was not only giving envelopes with their 5x7 prints, but they were charging the holiday card prices too. Whoo hoo, mixed emotions, yeah I wanted to make them, but did I want to put that much time into it? Hmmmm, the dilemma... anyway I ended up doing it. I have Adobe Photoshop and I know basic stuff, enough to be dangerous really, not enough to be as good as some of the amazing photographers out there. Many, Many hours later, I was done, yeah being as anal as I am I could have changed and tweaked for hours more, but I HAD to be done.

The bummer about making your own card is that when you send it out, no one really knows that you spend hours and hours making it, messing with backgrounds, sizing, fonts, wording, details, details and more details. Most people just assume you did it through a company, which is fine, because I still loved doing it and got to be creative (seeing how my scrap booking days have gone by the wayside) and got to send a photo Christmas card to all the people important people in my life (that had a picture of my kids and my husband and I in it)!!

Here it is, and yes the names have been changed to protect the innocent! Merry Christmas, I hope you find as much joy in something this season as I found in making my family Christmas Card.

To see the Great Bloogy Holiday Card Exchange and see more great cards check this out:



ewheatley said...

I think it is beautiful. And you know what. If they think you got these done professionally then you must have done an eexcellent job.

Amarie said...

Good to see all of you.

A Mom Two Boys said...

What a great card! And your kids are so cute!

Thanks so much for participating!