Tuesday, September 15, 2009


About a month ago we went on vacation. We went to Florida with my extended family and it was a blast. For most of the week we stayed at our condo on the beach, but for one day... we ventured to Disney, to the Magic Kingdom to be exact. It was HOT. It was CROWDED. It was a long day. Would I do it again, yes. Only because the magic really does happen after dark. Evything lights up, the castle is gorgeous and the lights magic parage is AMAZING. Seeing Middle P's face light up when the princesess blew him kisses, was worth every penny, every degree of heat and every crowd we encountered. Would I do it again in August? Um, not if I have to. Would I ever stay a week at Disney, probably not. Call us lazy, but we would prefer to hang at the beach all day, then tackle crowds and drop buckets of money all day. Yet, it was still an experience of a life time. BTW, don't the kids look exhausted already in the pic? This was the START of the day, right after we walked through the gates! Crazy, I know.

More vacation pictures to come, eventually, once my Mr. P gets them off his laptop! Then I can maybe show you Middle P's face as he watched the parade. Oh and aren't the shirts adorable? I had Cassie over at One Great Thing at Etsy. She is great to work with and doesn't she do awesome work?!

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