Saturday, June 6, 2009

We heart teachers!

I finally got pictures of the other fun surprise we did for Princess P's Kindergarten teacher a couple weeks ago. We snuck in one night (with a little help) and decorated her teacher's door. I wanted to go with some sort of theme like theses cute doors that I found on the blog

But alas I ran out of time and energy to get real creative. In the end I came up with the idea of "We Love Mrs. E" as well as "We love Mrs. K" and "We love Miss S" for the aide in the classroom and the student teacher. We wrote those on big foam hearts and then we had Princess P and two of her besties write (in their ever cute kindergarten penmanship) the names of each kid in the class on foam hearts as well. I then had purchased a tub of self sticking glitter foam hearts that we let the kids slap all over the door. Overall, it turned out VERY cute and her teacher raved about it, but most of all the kids loved it and hopefully Princess P's awesome teacher knows how awesome we think she is!

Princess P and two of her besties, that she had known since she was a baby decorating the door as Kindergartners!

The finished product... the kids did great. Thanks besties mommas for your help too! ;)

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