Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gallery of Cake

Do you find as a mother that "making" your kid's birthday cakes is part of your job, or do you opt to buy one? In the beginning of motherhood I felt as though that's what a mom did, we made out kid's cakes.... then I started making them and I had 3 kids... my perspective has changed a little. Last year I did both, I made some cakes and I bought some cakes, truth be told I'm a sucker for Sam's Club cakes and I thought they could do a better job of Thomas the Train than I. But, it was Baby P's 1st birthday and I felt since the other 2 had "mommy made" cakes for their 1st birthdays, so should he. However, I have a friend who puts me to shame, but motivates me to try something a little different, a little harder each time. Let me show you.

For Baby P's "actual" 1st birthday I attempted to make my own fondant and decorate his cake (or two little mini cakes) with fondant icing, it wasn't the easiest, didn't turn out the greatest, but not bad for a 1st try at fondant, still pretty cute and tasted great!

Then for his birthday party I made these 2 ducky cakes and they were made with regular homemade frosting, not fondant. These I was very pleased with, no not terribly original but cute for a 1st birthday party. Large ducky cake for the party goers, small ducky cake for Baby P to dig into on his own and small orange & blue cake, just because I had left over and heck we're in "ILLINI country"!

Now to my friend's cakes... She has always been good at making her kid's birthday cakes, but last year was the 1st year she started playing around with different techniques. Case in point, this was last year's 1st cake... her son wanted a transformer cake...

Then her baby turned one last summer also, these I just thought were WAY too cute...

And then there is this year. Her son is really into the show "storm chasers", so she set out figuring out a way to make a tornado cake.

For this she too make her own fondant, but a different recipe, nonetheless it turned out darling, and I just love the smoothness of her fondant. Keep in mind she also was very overwhelmed by this undertaking, but was pleased in the end, although she claims she's going to lower the bar from now on. I'm not sure I believe that, considering this is the cake she wants to make for her baby's 2nd birthday....

she claims this one will be easier than the tornado cake, but I think she's just telling me that! ;)

Do you think I can talk her into making me this cake for my birthday in July?

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Robyn said...

You're a FAR better momma than me! I've NEVER made a birthday cake for L! I always just order one from the grocery in whatever character theme she's chosen for that year! Oh cake decorating skills here! ;-)