Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On my heart today

Hey folks, how are you? I'm good thanks for asking... My week got tons better last week. I talked to said someone and got some answers. Mr. P and I couldn't be happier with the answers we got, the direction our life is headed and of things to come. If you want more specific details, you'll just have to leave me a comment -oohh I know, fancy that, all you non-commenters ! ;)- and I will share with you more privately. I am not one to keep secrets and have always been open and honest about my life, I figure there are many of us in the same boat and hearing it from someone helps us all feel just a tad bit more "normal"- all though I may grow very old still trying to figure out what normal is.

Today I spent some time looking at Jonah's support group page. I am notorious for getting myself into stories of grief by going to his page as well as others. However, going to these sites doesn't make me feel like I need to redo my whole house, like the decorating blogs do, which is good for the pocket book! Though I'm not sure these sites are good for the psychy, but then again, after what all these mommies and daddies have endure in the name of love for their children, I can take a few moments out of my day to read their stories, and tuck their sweet angels into my heart. Here are a couple of links I cam across that are intriguing to me today, not all of them are sad.

Help raise money for EB awareness by purchasing one of these Jonah magnets! Hey you, Indiana and Louisiana readers, they don't have any Jonah magnets in your state yet, you should be the first!!

Just came across this great service Carly Dudley does of writing your child's name in the sand and taking a photo of it as a memorial. This is very neat. She also has a good blog too here:

I couldn't find button code for "Cora's playground" but it is an Etsy shop set up to raise funds to build a playground in honor of sweet angel baby Cora. Here is a link about the story:
Here is a link to the shop:

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