Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today it makes me angry

Ok, so I've been asked to post something that won't make you cry, well today I'm afraid is not the day. I will make that a goal for tomorrow. Today I am just angry. Today I just don't get it. I am still trying to wrap my brain around all the death in my life in the past month, and trying to wrap my brain around why God does what he does and how he can let babies suffer. I know I can rationalize that God has a plan, that we don't understand that plan, look at all the people who's lives have been touched by these babies, look at all the love that has been brought out because of these babies. But still....

As you recall, I posted about Praying for Jonah, 2 days ago. This is a story I am following about the baby recently born with EB, today I was reading his mom's blog and looking at all of her pictures. I just don't know how parents of kids with EB, or anything like it, can be so strong. I often wonder if I would have the strength that you all have, truly. And although I am amazed and in awe of the strength you have as parents, and I still keep praying to God, even not knowing his plan, knowing that we only see the bottom of God's Tapestry, not the finished work, I am angry and frustrated that anyone, especially a baby should have to live like this:

Please keep praying for Jonah

Oh and while I'm angry (and sad). I'd just like to say that NO parent should ever have to lose a child, no parent should endure that pain or the pain of watching their children suffer.

The more time I spend blogging. The more I follow these stories, the more pain and heartache I hear about. The amount of blogs and videos out there dedicated to children that are sick or that have become angels, is just not right. While I think that this is awesome for parents to be able to do, to spread the awareness to share the love they had for their child.... There just should not be a reason to have such things, just let mommies go back to blogging about the naughty thing their kid said, not about the pain and suffering they are enduring or their child is or did endure.

If I have this much heartache, I cannot even imagine the heartache you feel as the parent of these children, it makes me weep for you and brings me to my knees. I pray for you and I tell as many people as I know about you, because that's all I know what to do.

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