Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Internet, I have an addiction...

... and that addiction is YOU! Yep, I'm sorry to say, I have to admit it, I have an addiction to the INTERNET. I spend FAR too much time with you, it is a time suck, yet I cannot resist.

There are 3 spots I hit on a regular basis. #1- Email, first and foremost where my day starts, not literally, but when I finally get to the computer. #2-Facebook, yes it is such an addiction, such a guilty pleasure, but truly I love it, I have connected with so many people that I have not seen in years, and now it seems I communicate more with people through facebook, than email or phone. #3- Here, my blog, which leads me to other blogs, which leads me to more blogs, which leads me yet to more blogs... you get the idea, before you know it, it's been hours. Luckily, I do most of that blog hopping at night while the kids are asleep, so I'm not a total loser mommy.

Before I started blogging I often spent most of my time hopping from shopping site to shopping site, not actually shopping most of the time. However one too many times had been known to impulsively hit "purchase"- but I'm sure my husband is happier that I blog rather than shop.

I came across this video about facebook, where you might ask, another blog of course! It is hilarious. If you are a facebook junky like me you will totally get it, this clip made my day and made me laugh out loud!!

So for all you internet addicts out there, I am right there with you, we can attend therapy together, virtually, maybe! ;) Here's to you and me, to all the stay at home moms who use the internet as their social outlet, comic relief, venting station, what have you- I bring you your daily chuckle!

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