Thursday, March 5, 2009

Filling the frame

Today on one of my favorite sites, 5 Minutes for Mom, they are sharing some tips on photography and encouraging you to share examples of the tips. Today's tip is to "Fill the Frame" or basically zoom in on your subject. This is done for a variety of reasons, but mainly to really focus on your subject and remove distractions from the background. My husband is really good at this, I am a work in progress. He seems to do this with the camera, I do it more on the editing end with Photoshop. If you get a chance check out their tips, they are quite insightful.


Here are some photos of ours from our vacation last summer that seem show pretty good examples of their tips.

(Technically, you're supposed to take the tips and try them out, however, my boys are asleep and my girl is grouchy, so....)

This is one my husband took, I just love this photo. You can see how filling the frame with just my little guy makes it so much cuter, than if he had just shot the swing set with him on it.

The rest of these photos, I used photoshop to crop in close, not quite the same idea, but when working with a photo after the fact, is a great substitute.


IE Mommy Blogger said...

The swing set photo is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. I invite you to check out mine too!

Alice said...

Great shots. I like the swing shot best, too, but I also love the one of the whole family walking away from the camera. Really nice!