Friday, March 27, 2009

Conversations with Middle P

Mr. P comes downstairs in his running clothes getting ready to go out and do his daily run.

Middle P :"Daddy why are you wearing your sunny pants?"

Mr. P: "My what?"

Middle P: "Your sunny pants"

Mr P: points to his shorts, "these?"

Middle P: "yes, your sunny pants"

Me: "you mean daddy's shorts, those are his sunny pants?"

Middle P: "Yep"

So apparently to Middle P (who is 3.5) shorts=sunny pants! ;)


I am feverishly running around the house looking for my keys. I have looked EVERYWHERE. After spending a good 20 minutes looking I ask my kids if any of them had been playing with them. I specifically ask Middle P. He says, "nope". 5 minutes later Middle P says "they are in my purse" and I say "No, they are not in my purse I already looked." I continue looking for a few moments and the image of him swinging Princess P's pink purse around earlier in the afternoon pops into my head. So I say "Middle P, did you say that my keys were in YOUR purse?" Middle P, replies "Yep." I ask him where it is and of course he doesn't know. I search through the toy box, as the kids had just cleaned up all the toys in order to go outside READ: every toy in the living room plus some has just been dumped in the toy box. There it is Princess P's pretty pink purse (which for today is Middle P's, he loves him a fancy purse or fancy shoes), I unzip it a low and behold what do I find... of course, MY KEYS.

Today Middle P and I are in the basement doing laundry. I had brought Mr P's blankets downstairs to wash (yes, we have seperate blankets, he is a furnace at night) and Middle P notices this...

Middle P: "why are you washing daddy's blankets?"

Me: "because they are dirty"

Middle P: "did daddy pee pee on his blankets?"

Me: "Um, no"

Middle P: "then why are you washing them"

Me: "they just get dirty after a while and need to be washed"

Middle P: "did daddy pee pee on his sheets?"

Me "no"

Middle P: "can I help?"

I guess I need to wash the bed linens more often then when they get "pee peed" on!

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