Monday, March 2, 2009

40 weeks and 2 days!

6 Years ago, this is how I looked! Today, 6 years ago, I was 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I was overdue and still teaching. But really, what else would I be doing, if I was at home, I would just be fretting over the fact that my baby girl had not arrived yet. So, each day I would walk into school and each day I would hear, "Mrs. P, you're still here?!" "You haven't had that baby yet" and most obviously, because I was still showing up each day, no, no, I had not had my baby yet and would you please stop asking me? Oh and let's not forget a certain grandma, that called every day, "how are things", "anything going on"- as if she wouldn't have been one of the first people we called!

However, I was sooo excited, through all the uncomfort, the overdueness, the constant calls of people wanting to know I was was, I was still so very excited. Do you remember that excitement? That excitement you can barely contain when preparing to have you first child? It is an experience like no other, and unfortunately it only happens once in your life. This fact in itself makes me so very sad. I love being pregnant, the first few days of having a baby at home, and oh my, meeting your baby for the first time, this is what I love and hold out for. A part of me is mourning the fact that I will never do that again, never meet one of my children for the 1st time. Not, that I don't enjoy them as they grow and love all the new and funny things they say and do each day, but that 1st meeting, there is nothing like it!

It seems like the months of being pregnant drag on for ages, and yet here I am 6 years later...already! My "baby" is turning 6. Where does the time go, and why haven't I spent more time cherishing every second of it.

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