Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life and Death

My husband's grandma is right...people die 3 at a time.
Last Thursday morning my grandfather died, Thursday afternoon a friend of mine with 2 small children lost her battle to cancer and last evening my great uncle who used to live down the street from us died as well. Three funerals in one week is very hard, especially when they are funerals for people you know and love.

I adored my grandfather, and it is surreal to think that when I go to visit grandma he won't be sitting there in his chair. My grandparents were married for 62 years and rarely went anywhere without each other. I worry about my grandma, because, after that much time with one person how can you even begin to imagine your life without them. I pray that my husband and I can make it that long, how awesome. I find comfort in knowing that grandpa is grandma's angel watching over her and holding her close when she is sad and lonely. The night of my grandfather's passing all the cousins were driving home, everyone but me saw the same shooting star, even though we all were miles apart, going different directions, it was grandpa (and I'm sure he was cursing me for not paying enough attention to see it too!).

My friend was an amazing woman. She seriously had the most positive outlook on life, she was always smiling and happy, even when you saw her coming or going to her chemo treatments. She was sure she would beat this cancer, she never had any doubts. She lived life to the fullest, and loved her husband and children immensly. It is sad and unfair that she she had to leave this earth so soon, at such a young age and all the while leaving 2 small children, a husband who adored her and parents and in-laws. However, it was amazing to see the amount of people at her funeral, to see the MANY people whose lives she had touched in her short life. Even though I do not know why God chose to take this sweet woman so early in life, I do know that he chose to bring her into our lives and the lives of others, for the better. All those who had the privlege of knowing her were blessed. Rest in peace my dear friend.

My uncle was a hoot, kind of grumpy at times, but still one of the most kind, generous and loving people you would meet. He was so devoted to his wife and loved her so much I am surprised he hung on this long, however I was still shocked to hear of his passing because I was not even aware his time was close. He was one of those people who loved and cherished his wife like no other. When she passed years ago, his life was forever changed, still always friendly, yet with sadness in his eyes for the love he had lost. I remember going to his house, the same house that I live down the street from today, on Christmas nights where there were many, many family members there, young and old, running around, eating and playing cards. To this day when I see that house that is what I think of. My dear uncle is happy and at peace now that he is back with the love of his life, this I know for a fact.

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Heather z said...

Molly, sorry to hear about your week. It is so sad to lose one person close to you but 3 is just unreal. I am so touched that you have been able to see the positive through all of this. You truly are amazing....