Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 2009, a month of sorrow.

As February 2009 draws to a close I am pained by all that I have endured, and even more pained by the losses I have experienced and the families devastated by the losses of those we loved.

The thing about February is that, February is usually a happy month for me. My husband and I got married in February, my husband's birthday is in February and of first child was due in February (although she waited until March to be born). But not this year...

If you have kept up with my blog you will notice that during February, I had 4 deaths of people I cared very much for, in my life. All of whom died in a span of 1 week.

I find it hard to wrap my brain around 4 deaths in a week. It just doesn't seem real, and it really doesn't seem real because 2 of these were NOT circle of life situations. Two of these are just unfair. They left too much pain and sorrow and empty hearts behind.

My grandpa, a true joy in my life, a man of few words but a huge heart. The time spent the week before his death is one I will cherish forever. As my mom says, to be with someone as they die is a blessing. And I know this sounds strange, but really it is true.

Dear Maria, 40 years old, battled cancer with all her heart and soul until the very end. Please pray for her husband, Todd and her 2 sweet kiddos, Ian and Hadley.

My uncle Keith, my neighbor, my friend, my uncle who loved us all very much.

Oh and our sweet Lucy, the most painful of all our losses. Lucy, you were loved my so many, loved by hundreds of thousands, I know. You were a joy to us all. Your mommy and daddy loved you like no other. They fought so hard for you, went through the meticulous care of your skin to give you the best chance possible, to prevent any possible infection. They fought for you, they advocated for you better than anyone could, even challenging the doctors, because they knew you better than the doctors knew you and your mommy and daddy were always right. They knew their baby girl.

You, sweet Lucy are the story of true love. Although many hear your story and think of pain, you were true love. You brought out more love in this world than all of us put together will in our life times. You were loved and prayed for far and wide. In the end God decided to make you our angel, to end your pain and heal your skin. And rather than take you from the hospital hooked up to tubes he chose to bring you to him, while comfortably sleeping in the same room and love of your mommy and daddy, shortly after your mommy had fed you and loved you. We all miss you, we are all thankful you were brought into our lives, We love you, Lucy.

In the midst of this all I also learned that an old friend of mine and his wife lost their infant daughter after 9 short days on this earth. Their sweet baby, Ryann Hope was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), before she was born. I am going to do a whole post on this sweet baby, they are trying to raise a lot of awareness for this birth defect and have done quite a bit of things since her death. They lost Ryann in January, please pray for them as well, Jaime, David and their 3 yr old Reggan.

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