Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas in January (almost February)

While reading another blog a couple days ago, I noticed she did this post, because like me she failed to post Christmas pictures right after Christmas. So I am finally getting around to showing off my family enjoying Christmas together.
This is our tree, although I prefer to call it my tree since I took the 2 older kids to get it in the freezing cold one Sat, while my hubbie was sick. And while doing this the freakin tree fell off the top of the car (my husband's hooptie) in the middle of the road, where I had to get out, pick it up, put it back on top, and re-tie it, ALL BY MYSELF!! Hence, my tree. Oh and the kids and I were the ones that decorated it too.

My girl and the doll she got from Grandma, with tons of clothes that Grandma hand made for the doll, very cute.

The baby who has finally figured out what presents "are all about" tearing into his gift, with his cousin near by.

The middle child, doing what he did all Christmas... devour cookies.

The best picture I got of all 3 of them in their "nice" clothes!! And yes that is a sifter in the baby's hand. Why we bought him actual toys is beyond me.

Christmas morning, with matching new pjs. The baby's did have matching pants, however he peed through them in the middle of the night! Again, the best picture I could get of them all together!

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ewheatley said...

Oh you poor thing. I can't believe you lost your tree.