Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calling all spider experts!!

Spiders and I don't really get along. If I see one it's dead. I hate waking up in the morning with red itchy spots knowing that a spider or heaven forbid spiders were in my bed! Yuck.

When I was going to college one year I lived in an apartment about 4 miles outside of town in the country and I tell you what, I never saw spiders like I saw there. Huge, hairy things - hate seeing spiders the size of mice. (oh yeah had a ton of those too)

When you think of spiders you think of black or brown. But since my husband and I have lived in this house, almost 8 years, the spiders I primarily see or almost white, kind of a beige off white color. They aren't too big, THANK GOD, but there are still spiders and I hate them.

One time I tried to do a search to figure out what kind of spider they were, and if they were harmful, but I came up with nothing. So I'm enlisting the help of you folks, the few of you, to see if you might be able to help me out with my search to find out what these guys are and how to get rid of them....

This is a picture of one of these spiders that was on the ceiling of my middle child's room when he was only days old, I was screaming and yelling for husband to come in and take a picture and then kill it. I wanted to picture so I could look it up, however that did me no good. At least I get to show it to you!

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mike said...

hi honey, it looks like your spiders are mostly sac spiders ... most house spiders are not dangerous, save for the brown recluse, which is still quite rare around here.

i have lots of spiders in the apartment, and i've learned to pretty much co-exist with them, which we all end up doing no matter how many we kill. they would certainly rather avoid us than confront us, and they
really do stay out of our way most of the time, considering at any given moment there is a spider three or four feet away from each of us ... of course the cats consider them playthings and hors d'ouevres ..

it was funny and ironic, right before you had posted that on your blog i wrote a short poem about a teeny-tiny spider that was crawling on my writing clipboard; i had started to write something when it looked like one of the commas was moving across the page. it was the tiniest spider i have ever seen. i set it free on one of the plants ...

spiders are an annoyance, and sometimes scary-looking, but overall, they are quite beneficial, killing and
eating all other kinds of insects that might be lurking about. when you get past the scary aspect of them, they are really quite elegant little creatures. anyway, better spiders than mosquitos...