Friday, December 19, 2008

Boys=Grey Hair

I have 3 kids, my oldest is a girl and my 2 youngest are boys and I'll tell you what... boys are SOOO different than girls. I really never believed this statement until I was blessed with both. Yeah, my daughter can be emotional and she will probably give me a full head of grey hair if she is anything like me, when I was a teenager. But boys, man oh man. Boys are really a whole new ball game, they keep me on my toes, like never before. I've found my boys (and most moms with boys agree) to be quite destructive, yeah they may be exploring their surroundings, but in doing so are destroying everything in site! A clean house, with boys-Ha. Forget about it. But at the same time, they can be darn cute and quite loving.

I was once sad that my 3rd child was not a girl because I thought it would be wonderful for my daughter to have a sister. The bond between sisters is much different than other sibling bonds (that's another blog for another day), but that's what I wanted for my daughter. Now that I have 2 boys in addition to her, I see that there is share a special bond between brothers as well (even it is in a mission of destruction), and my girl will be special because she is the only daughter.
But to really drive home my point that Boys=Grey Hair take a look at what has been going on in my house:

These are my boys, climbing on the dining room table, it is on-going battle to keep the baby off, and to keep the 3 yr old from joining the fun.

For the record, if you are mom, you are never allowed to talk on the phone or go to the bathroom or do laundry, you get the idea, because this is what you find... a kitchen full of Christmas sprinkles!

Christmas Sprinkles that should be played with like sand!

Christmas Sprinkles that should be "skated" upon!


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